I was born in 1987, and  I started my career in photography since 2007 using kodak films and Canon AE-1 camera. In 2010 I specialized myself in digital photography using mostly black and white style. The main subjects are portraiture, urban lifestyle, street life, street art, life people, events, interiors, outdoors and travels. During my artistic career, I partecipated in many expositions of contemporary art across the Europe (Bruxelles, Hamburg, Cremona, Rome, Turin, Alexandria, Padova, Lisboa, Paris) and the USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles). I alsoworked for indipendent web blogs and newspapers, however, i currently partecipate in photographic exhibitions all around the world, looking for collaborations with indipendent brands and art gallery curatos. 
Nowadays I am based in Trieste (IT) where I am working in academic research as a PhD student in Earth Sciences and Fluid Mechanics, also obtaining a Master certification in Europroject management.