"Who am I?"
Good question, not so simple for me. I am a geologist, a geophysicist, a photographer, a painter, a food designer and so many other things. I was born in 1987 and  I started my career in photography since 2007 using kodak films and Canon AE-1 camera. In 2010 I specialized myself in digital photography using mostly black and white style. The main subjects in photography are essentially portraits, urban/street lifestyle, outdoors and travels. During my artistic career, I partecipated in many expositions of contemporary art across the Europe (Bruxelles, Hamburg, Cremona, Rome, Turin, Alexandria, Padova, Lisboa, Paris) and the USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles). I also worked as a freelance ph. for indipendent web blogs and newspapers. However, I'm currently developping my personal research in contemporary visual arts. 
Nowadays I am based in Trieste (IT) where I worked in academic research as PhD student in Earth Sciences,  Fluid Mechanics and Mathemathics, obtaining a Master certification in Euro project management. Nowadays I am a teacher in Mathematics in middle-high school.