In the Bible (Genesis 1-5) the creation of man is told in two stories. In one of these, it is said that "God formed man from the mud of the earth, blew a breath of life into his nostrils and man became a living soul". We find countless examples also in classical mythology.
which, however, is never thought of, is that mud is the product of two worlds completely at the antipodes (earth and water) that represent the feminine creative principle par excellence in many primitive cultures.

The mud therefore results from the union of one element (earth) with another purifier and adaptable (water) and resulting creation yes, but also rebirth.
This is precisely the starting point of the next photographic "concept" that I will show you: "The Rebirth".

"Fango" is therefore a reflection on the rebirth, on second chances and on the rehabilitation in the world of a human being after a bereavement.
It is the struggle of a woman (in this case) who dies on earth and lives again with water. It is a set of rituals that allow her spirit to find peace and which in any case would not be possible without a struggle and the admission to herself of a defeat or a failure.
This because basically in human relationships it is always like this: one half of the story is decided through one's daily choices, the other totally depends on the rest of the world.
It makes us feel helpless when things go wrong, it wears out our thoughts in seeking solutions to problems and answers to questions that we never find. We face a defeat, we accept it and we move on. It turns out that despite all the love there is, that one was ready to give and wanted to receive ...

<< I let you go >>.

Thanks Susanna V. for following me in this particular idea.